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  • Online Store 開設


    The wait is finally over!

    We are excited to announce that our official online store will be launching on the 19th October 2020! Now you can shop your favorite products online for a hassle-free shopping experience!

    *Please note the online store does not include all the items available at retail stores, only selected items are available. We will slowly update our list as time goes by.

  • Event

    Tokyu Hands Singapore wishes everyone a Happy 2022! (*^▽^*)

    May the year of Tiger brings you prosperity and good health.

    Let’s greet the New Year with a bright smile!

  • Event

    Starting from 3rd FEB, 2022, Tokyu Hands Singapore is going shopping bag-free!

    With consideration for the environment, we will gradually abolish
    the use of polyethylene bags and switch to paper bags & biomass plastic bags.

    Each plastic & paper bag will be available for a required charge of $0.20 per bag.

    Thank you for your kind cooperation.
  • Nishikawa Comfy Wave Mattress

    New item

    Nishikawa's unique three-layer wave structure mattress provides you with a high-quality sleep by firmly supports your whole body and keeps a well-balanced sleeping posture.

    Even with just a mattress thickness of 8cm, you can get a comfortable sleep with just this mattress alone. It deliver good quality sleep that incorporates sleep science research.

    *Available at Orchard & Great World stores.

  • Event

    Free pen engraving service, the perfect gift for all kinds of occasions!
    All day service available at all Tokyu Hands Singapore outlets.

    *For selected pens only.
  • New Item

    Macaron Pillow Royal was developed by the famous Japanese bed maker "France Bed" with a focus on comfort. It does not sink too much as the macaron-type urethane spring supports your head with just the right amount of repulsive force, just like a bedspring, and adjusts to just the right height.

    This pillow has special processing that has a deodorizing effect on the pillow cover and deodorizes 95% or more of odorous components. You can sleep comfortably without worrying about the smell of unpleasant sweat.

    Available in 2 types, the High type that fits easily for men and the Regular type that fits easily for women.
Health & Beauty
  • Hair Care

    Hair Care

  • Face Care & Body Care

    Face Care & Body Care

  • Cosmetics


  • Oral Care

    Oral Care

  • Health Care

    Health Care

House Hold
  • Cleaning Supplies

    Cleaning Supplies

  • Bath & Toilet Supplies

    Bath & Toilet Supplies

  • Cleaning Detergent

    Cleaning Detergent

  • Kitchen Tools

    Kitchen Tools

  • Writing Instruments

    Writing Instruments

  • Office Supplies

    Office Supplies

  • Notes


  • Letter


  • Wrapping


  • Art Supplies

    Art Supplies

Bag & Travel
  • Bag


  • Suitcase & Travel Goods

    Suitcase & Travel Goods

  • Umbrella


Recommend Items Recommend Items
  • Health & Beauty


    PERFECT ONE whitening gel

    Multifunctional whitening and moisturizing all-in-one gel for clear skin.


    root vegetable face mask(sweet_potato)

    Focus on Japanese traditional foods "root vegetables"!


    aging care all-in-one gel

    Thin & soft hair cleans pores!


    Hand-Cleaning Gel

    A quick-drying gel with a light texture that easily fits on your skin.


    Makeup Protection UV spray

    Make up protection UV can keeps your make up at the best condition.



    The width of brim of about 9 cm cuts the strong sun ray.

  • HouseHold

    Cheese dak galbi pan 30cm RA-9389

    Cheese dak galbi pan 30cm RA-9389   $55.50

    You can enjoy the popular "Cheese Dakgalbi"!



    This vacuum cleaner creates an environment where mites are difficult to reproduce by suction and warm air.

    Just Me Series amane Showerhead

    Just Me Series amane Showerhead

    It feels like a soft mist!

    Shokunin;Craftsmanship for Mold Remove

    Craftsmanship for Mold Remove

    Cleaner for removing molds and sliminess in bathroom, darkness of drain port.

    Super seime


    Face-washing mittens that care for old dead skin cells, pore oils, and dark skin just by soaking in water and stroking.

  • Stationery

    Sailor Shikiori Marker

    Sailor Shikiori Marker

    These fine tip and brush markers will allow you to design colorful art in the style and colors of Japan.


    Study Planner Daily

    This spiral planner has simple layouts to organize your schedules.


    Orenz Nero 0.3mm black

    A mechanical pencil that comes with a technological breakthrough with an “auto-lead-forwarding” system

    B-SIDE LABEL Sticker Small

    B-SIDE LABEL Sticker Small

    These made-in-Japan brand has high-quality waterproof and UV protected stickers.

  • Bag & Travel


    OFFTOCO Backpack Lunch Box

    Hands x Elecom collaboration model.(W27xD13xH40cm 935g)


    Light Series Front Open

    Front Open which is easy to put luggage in and out.



    (W34.5xD22xH48cm 1470g)


    Super lightweight Blue_Boarder

    Super Lightweight just only 99g. (Parent bone length 50cm model)

    Fixing Belt For Bags

    Fixing Belt For Bags

    To hold your bag on a suitcase.

What type of shop is Tokyu Hands? Tokyu Hands deals with all kinds of products, such as high-quality and high-functional livingware, fancy made-in-Japan bags, convenient travel goods, the latest Japanese stationery, unique articles, topical beauty products, and tools and materials for DIY.

That's why Tokyu Hands can not be narrowly categorized as a particular type of retail store, as it includes a variety of types of shops, such as a home center, a stationery shop, and a department store.

In addition, Tokyu Hands is a shop where you can find ideas and hints that make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. Tokyu Hands is “THE ONE-STOP SHOP” chock-full of all kinds of goods, enjoyable discoveries, and surprises.
Tokyu Hands is pleased to announce its opening of THIRD STORE, "TOKYU HANDS SUNTEC CITY STORE" in November 2016. Presenting the same level of freshness, excitement and fun, please come and visit our massive stores at Orchard Central, Westgate Mall in Jurong and also Suntec City Mall for an enjoyable shopping experience!

Tokyu Hands was first established in Tokyo in 1976 and currently operates some 30 branches all across Japan. Tokyu Hands has always been the place to shop for exciting shopping ideas, creative inspiration and new lifestyle products in Japan. Our first store in Singapore will feature our most popular “designed by Japan” items such as beauty products, latest stationery, travel ware, functional household items and many more!

In Japan, Tokyu Hands is the place to go to for exciting shopping ideas, creative inspiration and new lifestyle products.

We provide a wide variety of merchandise to meet our customers' diversified demands and it's no wonder that it's difficult to categorise Tokyu Hands as a particular type of retail store. We have also obtained high rankings in retail and service reputation surveys as a brand with an advanced and original image.

TOKYU HANDS Singapore promises to be a one-stop solution retail store where creativity and ideas are waiting to be discovered.
Store Location

    181 Orchard Road #B1-07
    Orchard Central
    Singapore 238896

    Business Hours:11am to 10pm

    GoogleMap View

    3 Temasek Boulevard
    Suntec City Mall,
    Singapore 038983

    Business Hours:11am to 10pm

    GoogleMap View

    78 Airport Boulevard
    #02-203 Jewel Changi
    Airport Singapore 819666

    Business Hours:10am to 10pm

    GoogleMap View

    10 Paya Lebar Road
    #B1-11/12 PLQ Mall
    Singapore 409057

    Business Hours:10am to 10pm

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    1 Kim Seng Promenade,
    Great World, Singapore 237994

    Business Hours:10am to 10pm

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